From raising capital to paying taxes, and from the immigration status of employees or members to “volunteer” member labor in the cooperative business, all cooperatives face a range of federal regulations. Co-ops look to accounting and legal practitioners for strategies to ensure compliance and resilience. Regulations may be designed to help businesses and protect individuals, but co-op professionals often find that they can hinder cooperative impact.

Our Co-op Professionals Track will explore how accounting and legal professionals serving the co-op community can create an enabling environment for cooperative economic impact.

This track is included in base registration.

There’s a lot places you can learn 101 level things. You come here and you can get those 201 level, 301 level answers where the people who are involved in the nitty gritty can really get in to the deep questions of what’s going on, what’s allowable. That sort of information and the chance to ask questions and listen to what’s being said – that’s invaluable.
— Jamie Samans, Executive Member, Xensha