In these divided times, it’s really important to think about how everybody who is participating in the economy can benefit from the economy, and co-ops really are a great model to show the way.
— Maureen Conway, Executive Director of the Economic Opportunities Program, Aspen Institute
It’s been really a delight to connect with other professionals, academics and other scholars around the country who share an interest in the study of cooperatives as a business form.
— Brent Hueth, University of Wisconsin

Our marquee track, the IMPACT track brings together co-op industry and thought leaders with policymakers and other partners to dive deep into how co-ops can support and build a more inclusive economy. 

In 2017, our IMPACT Track helped practitioners navigate the dizzying map of co-op financing options, understand how organizations make funding decisions and learn how funders and the development community can work together to impact their members and communities.

The IMPACT Track also explored worker co-op conversions and addressed how co-op measurement and evaluation can help meet reporting requirements for funders and regulators and tell the compelling story of how co-ops build a better world. 

With a focus on participation, growth and connection for 2018 the IMPACT track is open to attendees from any track. We are currently accepting session proposals.

From a lot of different directions there are people here who are converging on a lot of the same challenges, and I think the key to all of those is helping to support the kind of risk taking and innovation that a lot of the people I’ve been working with are itching to do.
— Nathan Schneider, University of Colorado

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