Welcome to the Presenter Corner - practical info and tips to make your session a success!


August 15:

Send your photo and bio to Greg Irving at girving@ncba.coop

September 14:

Send slide deck to info@ncba.coop (DO NOT send PDFs)

  • Download Power Point Template: 
    • Purchasing Track
    • Impact Track
    • Professionals Track

Submit Session handouts (if we do not receive handouts by September 14 you will be responsible for providing your own)

Presenter tips

The Co-op Impact Conference is looking for presentations to be engaging, meaningful and useful. Typically, presentations and workshops achieve these through the following best practices:

  • provide a tangible take-away
  • provide a resource
  • an actionable idea
  • highly visual presentations

Here are some best practices for each of the common presentation types.

  • Panels 
    • integrate multiple points of view
    • make sure your panelists are well versed in their topics and come prepared
    • keep presentations short, encourage conversation
    • remember that the moderator is the advocate of the attendee, keeps time, and allows questions if part of the panel
  • Participatory/Workshops
    • participatory and workshops sessions should be interactive, but not complicated
    • activities should lead to a deeper understanding of a topic, or improve skills
  • Breakouts/Roundtables
    • encourage participation and lead discussions
    • encourage diverse perspectives
    • have report-outs focus on key take-aways (such as the useful or surprising) rather than a full summary
  • Seminars/Lectures
    • Use strong visuals
    • Stick to one or two key take-aways
    • incorporate suggestions to apply tools and knowledge

Session logistics

Please send your PPT using the following templates to info@ncba.coop with the subject line
[CO-OP IMPACT CONFERENCE PRESENTATION] by September 14. Include any additional handouts you want available on the conference mobile app (which you can download at http://my.yapp.us/COOPIMPACT)

  • Purchasing Track Power Point Template
  • Impact Track Power Point Template
  • Professionals Track Power Point Template

On the day of your session - if your session is in the main room, report to the sound booth to receive a lavalier microphone 10 min prior to your session. Some sessions will be recorded, so where microphones are provided, we ask that they are used.

There will be a speaker green room available on site for use to store bags and prep for sessions.

Logos and Social Media

Thank you for presenting at the Co-op Impact Conference! As you promote your session to your networks, please use our Social Media Toolkit, which provides, logos, sample posts and other resources: [INSERT SPARK SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT]

How to I get to the conference?

  • The conference is located at the Sheraton Pentagon City
    (900 S Orme Street, Arlington, VA 22204)
  • The hotel is reachable by multiple means - check out our travel page for more details.

What do I do when I arrive?

  • Please plan to arrive at least 15 min prior to your session time to get organized, receive a microphone, conference speaker badge and check in with our registration team.

Is there a space to go to get ready?

  • There will be a speaker green room off the main ballroom. Please check in with our registration table when you arrive and they will direct you to the appropriate area.

What do I need to know when I get to my room?

  • Plan to arrive to your room 10 min prior to your session. Your room should be set up to any specifications previously discussed. Your room ambassador will be available to set up microphones, power points and handouts.

What PowerPoint Template should I use?

  • Please use the following templates for your sessions, based on each track:
    • Impact Track PPT Template
    • Purchasing Track PPT Template
    • Professionals Track PPT Template


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