From dealing with issues of customers and retention to looking at different platforms of technology and ways to grow your membership... it’s a treasure trove.
— Carl Tinsley, CEO, GlobalPac Alliance

Best Practices and Reverse Best Practices are historically the two most popular sessions at NCBA CLUSA’s National Purchasing Cooperatives Conference. We’re keeping these breakouts front-and-center at IMPACT 2018. Best Practices allows every attendee to share an idea that turned out to be a home run for their co-op; Reverse Best Practices allows attendees to workshop one of their toughest challenges with colleagues from the purchasing sector.

The Purchasing Track will also include Master Class workshops led by industry experts. 

I think being a part of the IMPACT conference has been good for purchasing cooperatives because its given those leaders a chance to get their head around how important it is to have some of those measurements and benchmarks as to the impact that cooperative community has in a lot of different ways, whether it’s employment or revenue or others.
— Jack Bailey, Former President and CEO, Independent Distributors Cooperative

This track's exclusive content will only be open to Purchasing Track registrations and will require additional registration.