Ariana Levinson

Ariana Levinson is a Professor of Law at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. In her teaching and scholarship, she addresses the intersection of cooperatives and labor law. This year, she published Union Co-ops and the Revival of Labor Law in the Cardozo Journal of Dispute Resolution, which identifies and suggests solutions for legal challenges that must be addressed when forming a unionized worker cooperative. Ariana is also the author of Founding Worker Cooperatives: Social Movement Theory and the Law, published in the Nevada Law Journal in 2014. Her co-authored article Alleviating Food Insecurity Via Cooperative By-laws is forthcoming in the Georgetown Journal of Poverty Law & Policy.  In addition to writing about worker cooperatives, Ariana teaches, writes, and speaks on the topics of arbitration, labor and employment law, practical legal skills, and workplace technology and privacy.