Gerardo de Leon


Gerardo Alberto De León has been Commercial Manager of FEDECOCAGUA, the federation of coffee cooperatives in Guatemala, since 1981. In this role, he is responsible for setting prices with affiliated cooperatives at the local level for their coffee and to sell it on the international market.

His daily work is about bridging coffee as a physical product cultivated by small producers in FEDECOCAGUA’s member cooperatives and coffee sold as a commodity fixed on the New York Stock Exchange Future Market known as “C” contract (for cocoa, sugar and coffee).

His long career as a Coffee Commercial Manager enables him to have a complete understanding about the challenges and opportunities of cooperatives in an international market.

FEDECOCAGUA currently exports 350,000 coffee bags of 69 kg per year, amounting to a growth in volume of 500 percent since 1989. FEDECOCAGUA is currently the second largest coffee exporter in Guatemala. While the others exporters in the top 10 list are multinational companies, FEDECOCAGUA is the only local entity.