Ron McFall


Ron McFall is a partner at Stoel Rives, LLP, practicing as a business and transactional lawyer and leading expert in cooperative law. Originally trained as a securities and transactional lawyer, Ron has represented agricultural and consumer cooperatives and other producer-owned entities over the course of his entire 34 year career as an attorney. In that role, Ron regularly provides cooperative, securities and transactional advice to a variety of producer-owned and member-owned organizations in the food processing, agricultural, organic, consumer and renewable energy sectors. In recent years Ron has represented numerous cooperatives and other producer-owned businesses in a wide range of complex restructuring, merger and acquisition and joint venture transactions. Such transactions typically require an effort to balance the interests of cooperative members in their roles as both agricultural producers and owners of the cooperative; as a result, the transactions present complex issues related to cooperative governance, securities compliance and cooperative tax status. Ron also has extensive experience in securities offerings, particularly those offerings seeking equity investment for food processing, commodity processing and renewable energy facilities owned by cooperatives and other producer-owned organizations. Ron has represented cooperative, corporate and other clients both in registered offerings and offerings exempt from registration under federal and state securities laws.