Sandra McCardell


Sandra McCardell helped found and is serving as the Coordinating Director of the Cooperative Catalyst of New Mexico, a new cooperative development center in New Mexico that was jump-started with the assistance of colleagues Steve Dubb and Michael Peck. Sandra also serves as President of Currrent-C Energy Systems, Inc., which she founded in 1996. 

Sandra's experience at Current-C has resulted in a recent book published by Springer International Publishing AG called “Energy Effectiveness, Strategic Objectives, Energy and Water at the Heart of Enterprise,” an outgrowth of Current-C’s consulting practice over the past several decades. The formation of the Cooperative Catalyst of NM also draws from Sandra's experience at Current-C, where she frequently determined that sustainability initiatives could better be accomplished if businesses operated in different models, with more teamwork, more shared knowledge and fewer silos. 

Sandra’s academic background is in cultural anthropology, business and international nonprofit management. She has lived and worked in several countries, and worked in a variety of positions for  companies and nonprofit organizations ranging from General Motors to international development groups, community development financial institutions, real estate development companies, educational institutions, Native American Tribal institutions and small nonprofits. Sandra serves on the Board of Directors of the American Sustainable Business Council and on the City of Albuquerque Energy Council.