Stuart Reid


Stuart Reid's co-op trajectory launched in 1976, when he discovered the tiny Northeast Food Co-op in Minneapolis, MN. Since then he has volunteered, been employed (in nearly every possible grocery store role) and managed several food co-ops including Bryant-Central Co-op, Powderhorn Co-op, Seward Co-op and the Wedge in Minneapolis, and the Good Earth Co-op in St. Cloud, MN. In 2004, He helped open the Just Food Co-op in Northfield, MN as their first general manager. His experience also includes time as a buyer for the co-op-owned DANCe warehouse, and service on several co-op boards, including the Twin Cities Natural Food Grocers Association, and CooperationWorks!. Stuart began providing startup co-op support as the first staff person of Food Co-op 500, a pilot project organized by visionary co-op leaders in 2006. The project incorporated in 2010, as the Food Co-op Initiative where he continues to serve as Executive Director. Over the years, Stuart has presented training at national and regional conferences, developed webinars and written guides to provide communities with the information and encouragement they need to successfully start new food co-ops nationwide.