Vernon Oakes

Vernon Oakes 2.jpeg

Vernon Oakes is president and founder of Oakes management Inc., co-founder of Washington Venture Partners and host of Everything Co-op, a weekly radio broadcast. He has a strong background in management and operations developed in corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Vernon has significant experience in a wide range of business activities including finance, marketing, sales, sales forecasting, distribution and service, and systems design—both national and international. He has nine years of teaching experience at the college level, and two years training of adults for the Department of Interior. Five years ago Vernon began hosting Everything Co-op, a radio broadcast that has become an integral component of the national cooperative movement. 

Vernon has extensive and varied experience in identifying and pursuing opportunities in both domestic and international markets including Europe, Canada, Caribbean, Asia and Africa. Skills include the ability to develop or enhance marketing information, pricing and costing systems. As a past director of International Marketing for a Fortune 100 Corporation, Vernon has successfully developed innovative distributor parts sales programs, programs for distributor inventory management, worldwide parts pricing strategies and market studies. 

While serving as President of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives, the marketing team decided to launch a show in honor of National Co-op Month. The show was only scheduled to last one month, but the response to the broadcast helped Vernon to realize the importance of the show, and the integral role it could play in broadening the awareness of cooperatives. With the support of National Cooperative Bank and a personal investment, Vernon has been hosting Everything Co-op for almost five years. He is committed to helping people learn about the cooperative business model because he believes it can help the country solve many of the problems its facing in this post-recession era. This year, Vernon received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Potomac Association of Housing Cooperatives and the “Spirit of Cooperative Award” from the National Cooperative Bank. 

Vernon received a master’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from Stanford University, a master’s degree in Mathematics from Penn State University and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from Bluefield State College.