2018’s Theme: Participate, Grow, Connect 

The cooperative movement is at a crossroads. With American economic growth largely concentrated in a small number of highly populated urban areas, swaths of the country continue to feel disconnected from their economy and unsure about the future. Many feel resentment over the way they perceive public policy decisions are made and resources are allocated. Cooperators know that ownership is the path to a more inclusive economy.

At IMPACT 2018, we’ll embrace this cooperative moment. We'll elevate and expand an environment in which people have a greater say in their futures and more equitable access to sustainable jobs and opportunities. Join us in October to explore new ways co-ops can spur even greater economic growth and participation!

Nowhere but NCBA [CLUSA] and IMPACT Conference do you get to make those cross-sectoral connections with people about how to live out that P6 cooperation among cooperatives principle and work together to make this co-op economy really grow and thrive and get to scale.
— Camille Kerr, The ICA Group
The numbers matter because we’re talking about businesses. But, it’s more than the numbers. We’re talking about people. We’re talking about the membership, about the communities that they serve and they come from.
— Cornelius Blanding, Federation of Southern Cooperatives

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